Syringe or earbud; which is better?


large capacity syringe

Medical use syringes, of course, have numerous uses. Let it be known that a large capacity syringe also has its many uses wide of the health services industry. It can be used in the production of food, for instance. You will find this at the lab testing stage where food is being tested for numerous factors, such as edibility, taste and, of course, hygiene and health. Focus on the health services industry for a bit then.

Let’s take a look inside of your ears. Are you familiar with an old piece of medical advice? It goes something like this. The only thing that should be going into your ears at any one time, so the doctor says, is your elbow. Now, you try doing that. You can hardly do that now can you. What the doctor was meaning to say that you should never, never, ever tamper with your ears, not even when you are attempting to clean them out.

Of course, you can wash them, but your fingers go only as far as the ear’s canal entrance, and no further. Earbuds where specifically manufactured for the purpose of meticulously cleaning out those ears. You can well imagine how necessary this must be when, for instance, you are a factory worker or building contractor. Your body and its orifices are exposed to quite a lot of dust and debris, and the ears are pretty exposed here.

But the use of earbuds has been subject to abuse. Folks have been known to stick these deep into their ears in a vain attempt to clean out the wax. They can’t do this. But syringes can. And that being said, using a syringe to drain the wax out of the ears can only be done by a qualified medical practitioner.