The History of Scrubs


The idea of a unified medical uniform for nurses and doctors came into play during World War 1. Despite a surge in the number of nurses that answered the call of duty, there were many fatalities of both nurses and patients because the nurses were not defended from infection and illness. This led to the idea of a dedicated uniform nurses could wear to the hospital, that would help keep them and their patients safe.

When the second great war came around, the uniform was used with better success, and it soon became adopted in mainstream healthcare for surgeries. Officially, the medical uniform was nothing more than a long gown that nurses wore when they did surgeries. While it did keep people safe and sanitized, it also made it so the nurses had to manage the gown while they were rushing from patient to patient.

high end scrubs

Imagine moving in a crowded room in your favorite dress or a shirt that’s a few sizes to big and you’ll see the problems early nurses faced. However, the gown soon evolved into a shirt and pants that nurses could get around in, while it still provided the same protection and gave them the working uniform that they needed in the hospital.

Now high end scrubs come in many different colors and styles, allowing for nurses of both genders to customize their appearance. The scrubs also make it very easy to spot a nurse in the crowded hallways of the hospital, and get their attention if you need help. The invention of scrubs and their purpose (to keep people safe from infection) also led to the invention of latex gloves and rubber masks, so the entire nurse’s uniform was covered.

With scrubs, the patient and the nurse are both kept safe, and the nurse can do their job much more effectively. That’s good for everyone all around!